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our story

We choose only what is healthy, fragrant and beautiful.

Our story started with my little dream. As a consumer I fell in love with Phenomé cosmetics. I decided to give up working for a corporation and become a Phenomé franchisee – to set up a shop which would be a unique meeting place for women, somewhere to form new relationships, a cool place for business, filled with positive energy. And, alongside all this – I wanted to relax a bit.

But I was not given a chance to relax. A few months later, I was offered the opportunity to distribute all Phenomé products and, three years after that, it turned out that the manufacturer had other business priorities and Phenomé needed a new business host. I couldn’t imagine that the brand and the products which I believed in and had got to know over the years could be passed on to strangers. The whole process was far from simple – I had to reach an agreement with the former owner, find investors, set up a new company and arrange the manufacturing. But I managed – because when you really want something and strongly believe in it, suddenly helpful people appear, wonderful coincidences happen and the entire universe is on your side. In November 2015, my friends and I became the co-owners of the Phenomé brand. Now, I am the head of the company and in charge of the manufacturing and distribution of Phenomé products.

I work more than ever and have a ridiculous number of meetings and a never-ending to-do list. But my dream has come true. I feel free and independent. I do what I love. I personally supervise the manufacturing of my beloved products, invent new ones and... continue to dream. I dream of having, in a few years, my own Phenomé shop in Sydney, feeling the sun on my face, meeting new people and expecting the unexpected.


And what do we have to offer?

We create the best cosmetics we can – cosmetics that we want to use ourselves. We try to make products that are really effective as well as being healthy to use. We employ experienced technologists who use the latest findings about cosmetics to identify the most effective natural substances. We do not use any synthetic active ingredients.

We don’t skimp when developing formulas. Our products often contain more than a dozen organic active ingredients, which come from all over the globe, from Europe to South America – each one serving a different purpose.

We don’t use regular water because we know that plant water is more effective – it moisturizes better and significantly improves the absorption and effectiveness of cosmetics.

We believe that cosmetics should also bring pleasure – so we strive to make sure they have beautiful, natural scents and simple, original packaging.

Today, real luxury means being able to choose, and we choose only what is healthy, fragrant and beautiful – things that bring us joy. We work with people who also love what they do and we look for mutual inspiration.

We hope that you will feel this.

our team


Aldona is both the head and the heart of the business. She loves nature in all its forms, spontaneous and strong women as well as beautiful things. Aldona creates new cosmetics and is always first in line to test them.


Basia is our technologist. She works in the lab and makes sure that Phenomé cosmetics look, smell and work the way they should. Basia is incredibly patient – no matter how long it takes, she keeps trying until the product meets all her expectations.


Sabina manages our flagship boutique in Warsaw. She is great company and second to none when it comes to selecting the right cosmetics – so she is well worth a visit!


Damian expertly manages our European online shop and warehouse.


Eliza stops us from drowning in paperwork. She runs the office and deals with Phenomé’s accounts.


Justyna is Aldona’s right hand and does a little bit of everything. She ensures smooth communication with the outside world and brings many of our ideas to life.